As a 29+ year veteran of the Air Force, the Kentucky Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserve, I recognize the sacrifices America’s veterans have made to guarantee our freedoms. Truly, freedom is not free.


   We must proactively support the men and women who raise the banner of freedom even today. Kentucky is blessed to have 2 major military installations, not including our own valiant Guardsmen and women. The economic impact alone of Fort Knox and Fort Campbell cannot be taken for granted. More importantly, the thousands of active-duty troops that learn to love Kentucky while they are stationed here deserve our appreciation and support.

   Since arriving in Frankfort, I have championed our military heroes and their families. I made it a priority to exempt military pay from state income tax. For very little cost, this measure helps keep Kentucky soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines from abandoning their residency just to avoid income tax, and provides an incentive for servicemembers stationed in Kentucky to put down roots here. And, it is simply the right thing to do. In 2009, the legislature passed this idea into law.


 I will continue to improve the relationship between Kentucky and the military. In 2008 and 2010, I advocated leveraging state support for a Veterans Nursing Home in Central Kentucky. The seed money necessary to convince the VA that Kentucky is serious about supporting that facility has been set aside. Kentucky is serious about supporting those who have served or paid the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of us all.


  Kentucky must never forget or take for granted the men and women who have served us all. The 18th District is blessed with a large percentage of residents who understand duty, honor, and country. I am grateful for their service, and pledge to honor them with mine.