Growing up, I always aspired to serve our great nation. My parents taught me to “never settle for less”. My desire to attend the Air Force Academy grew out of patriotism and a belief in the ideals that America represents. As an Air Force Officer, I dedicated myself to defending America and upholding its ideals.


    Upon leaving active duty, I was determined to continue to serve. I have done so gladly in the Kentucky Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve. As I reach the twilight of my military career, I am still dedicated to serving, as reflected in my Air Force values:


Integrity First

Service Before Self

Excellence In All I Do

    I have lived those values all my life, and they are truly what motivates me to serve in public office. Like most people, I have often been disappointed by the caliber of our servants and leaders in government. Instead of merely complaining, I stepped forward in 2006 to provide real servant-leadership as a State Representative, and aspire to offer the same service to the 18th District in Grayson and Hardin County. I will not settle for less.


    My guiding principles are simple: Faith, Family, Future. My position on every issue can be derived from those ideals. My faith in Jesus Christ motivates everything I do—in public and in private life. It is why I serve as an assistant evangelist for Lamb and Lion Ministry. To me, faith also equates to unfailing faithfulness—to the Lord, to my family and friends, to my wife, and to the people I am honored to serve. My word—like my marriage vow—is a sacred vow that I will never violate.”


    Faith also communicates my confidence in people over government. I strongly believe that individual citizens have more collective wisdom than all the politicians, lobbyists, and experts arrayed in Washington or Frankfort. I recognize that Kentucky is strong because of the strength of its families, not the size of its budget or even the wealth of its tax base. Finally, I will seek to consider the implications of any issue on our children and grandchildren—the only investment that will truly achieve the potential of our future.


    Even as I rely on strength of character to stand up for what is right, I am not arrogant enough to believe I have all the answers. That is why will continue to do more listening than talking as I meet with people throughout the 18th District. I will always conscientiously represent the views of the people here in Grayson and Hardin County, working to help them achieve their goals and realize the promise of our future.


    The other pages of this website outline my perspectives on several critical issues facing Kentucky. Please browse through my thoughts on how to make our communities and our state a better place. More importantly, I encourage you to contact me and let me know what you would like to see done. Together, I am convinced that we can achieve Kentucky’s potential. As blessed as I have been to be a son of Kentucky, I believe it can become an even better home for our children and grandchildren.